Half Life: The next video game movie?

Remember that game where you use to be a first person shooter with all the high strung levels and adversaries in tow. Well Valve Software the maker of the Half Life platform has released a trailer on what could be the pre-cursor for a full length movie in the making. Entitled I’m the Freeman, it was originally created by Valve’s Computer Graphics guru Mark Spitoni. Well if you’re going to make a big film about the concept of Half Life might as well take the cue from the original creators and that is the reason why the majority of the fans are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting and hoping.

The trailer is as impressive as the real work of Spitoni and it shows the potential of Valve productions as being responsible enough to make Half Life a reality on the big screen. Hopefully someone will take it as a signal and producers can get some kind of motivation to finance such a film. Unfortunately this is where Spitoni ends his creativity as he can only produced a short trailer out of it. Doing some magnitude of a two hour film is too much for a lone CG master to take.

I’ll definitely watch it if in case the a full movie is created out of the Half Life adventure. I can relive even the famous multi player video game Counterstrike if it becomes a reality. What so special about Half Life that everyone is anticipating even in theatres. Your usual first person shooter with all the weapons and ammo packs you can think of that makes all the levels exciting. Once in a while you will still hear someone shout “fire in the hole” . Everything about the game makes Half Life a wonderful adventure to begin and end with maybe a movie.

Nintendo DSI: to have or not to have

After enjoying the fun filled Nintendo DS Lite for some time, now lets up the ante just a bit. The Nintendo family gives you the Nintendo DSI, extending its platform to a higher level and hoping that it would be a hit for Nintendo fans who have religiously followed and anticipated for an improved version of the Nintendo DS Lite. The Nintendo DSi or aptly called DSi XL, is not actually pertaining to the size of your Tees but focuses on the entirety of the console. It’s a little bit thicker than the PSP and the original DS but it will still fit your pocket easily.

The improvement most highly noted is the audio quality giving you clarity and an obvious boost of sound that can likely fill up an entire living room on maximum output. At the most it still retains the outer appearance of the Nintendo DS but the screen has enlarged a bit from the DS 3 inches to the DSi 3.25 inches giving you 260,000 colors of graphic display. It is designed on a matte finish to avoid fingerprints from marking around the console. A far cry from the DS which had a glossy outer shell.

Brightness for the DSI can also be adjusted according to five settings as opposed to the 4 settings of the DSi Lite. Last but not the least the power switch is replaced by the power button of the DSi, whether you decide on getting one that would bring a lot of joy to a son or daughter clearly the Nintendo DSi can ultimately fulfill its purpose. One of the best piece of advice for consumers is that it if you are getting a Nintendo portable gaming device for the first time this is the perfect day to acquire one through the Nintendo DSi.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect: The next step after Nintendo’s wireless controls

No qualms about being in the future what with all those speculations about flying cars and futuristic homes somehow I can feel that it is just around the corner. So far there are a bunch of products that acted as the cornerstones of the future of digital devices. We’ve got Steve Jobs apple products like the Iphone and the Ipad and Nintendo’s game console the Wii. Well apparently a product which is launched to the public with all those high tech features would guarantee a response from competitors.

Microsoft Xbox 360 gave us another facet of their wonderful research and technology by providing the Kinect with state of the art motion control system. Cheer out loud especially for people who don’t want to experience game pads and controls on their hands as Kinects microphone and built in camera makes it possible for people to enjoy the game by moving their bodies the way they move on the actual game. How does the system function? This is through facial and voice recognition where a number of features can be accessed. The whole concept of the Kinect is to make your body as the controller and your voice as the main communication to the system.

Well you’ve clearly gotten the message that as long as there are diehard 3D game consoles manufacturers around the competition will only get bigger and brighter towards the future. Kinect will start a chain reaction that would signal in technology at its finest in the gaming world offering convenience and a lot of jaw dropping features that previously can only be seen in films and TV shows. The future starts now and with console add-ons like the Xbox 360 Kinect it definitely came sooner than expected, a plus for all of us.

Relive the Lord of the Rings experience on Nintendo Wii

If ever you are one of those persons who loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy then maybe it’s time to hook up with your Nintendo Wii and relive the experience of Frodo and the rest of the gang in Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest. The start of the game will commence in a different setting as this is right after the War of the Ring has been concluded. Samwise Gamgee is now the mayor of Hobbit land and Frodo is with his sister Elanor, the main character you will play is Frodo but since the whole story will also revolve on a festival that is being prepared by the Hobbits with King Aragorn also being present the characters will switched sides.

Switching sides means when Samwise tells all the heroic details of Aragorn’s quest you will also play as  the great Aragorn himself. A second player depicts Gandalf who is played by Elanor during the story-telling of Samwise. In order to prepare Frodo in playing Aragorn, Frodo can be controlled to go to the various festival stalls in order to enhance his skills. All is fair in the field of battle as the tutorial will take you through the various combat systems.

At the very best you are getting the chance to relive the Lord of the Rings adventure with the main characters at the palm of the Wii remote and for a game that has a rich historical movie tradition it corresponds the platform with an excellent graphics output. The only drawbacks would be a motion detection that has imperfections and the mouth of characters rarely moves when they talk. You can still compromise a few inconveniences because what you’ve got is a great game to re-enact one of the best movies ever made.

Microsoft’s sci-fi shooter achieves record breaking sales

200 million in sales, achieved in just 24 hours that’s what putting in the works does for a video game called Halo: Reach. From promoting it, to creating midnight sale events just to stream it at retailers, Microsoft has made it big in the end. The game played for the new Xbox 360 placed second to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s which raked in a whopping 310 million in just 24 hours. Halo: Reach will be the last creation of Bungie which became an independent entity after dislodging its partnership with Microsoft last 2007.

Now Activision has managed to take the place of Microsoft by inking a 10 year partnership with the Seattle based company. It will have exclusive publishing rights to a brand new intellectual property.  Microsoft who created a different division to handle Halos big mainstream move to anime, books and comics will be capitalizing on the video games foothold on hard core gamers. This is absolutely great news for a lot of Halo fans out there but a bad one for competitors alike. Microsoft did an awesome job in advertising and promoting Halo: Reach enroute to one of the greatest sales ever.

At the first release of the Halo series Microsoft has managed to land a goldmine from the said video game. Halo: Reach comes in with Master Chief continuing the saga but this time it involves a special operations team called Noble Team. It will include them investigating a situation regarding a communication outpost that has been damaged. Bungie has managed to modify the Halo adventure into a better composition for the battlefront. This is evident by a number of weapons being changed and tweaked out delivering a more potent blow to the enemy. Let’s continue with the adventure of the Halo Trilogy.

Don’t throw away those old Playstation 2 games

Despite the rise in popularity of the famous Playstation 3, some hard core gamers have been adamant on parting ways with their collection of games from their previous game console Playstation 2. Call it a bit of sentiment or just collecting games as a hobby, but giving away games for the sole benefit of getting new ones for your Playstation 3 can be a bit difficult and starting all over again to purchase games so you can enjoy PS3 can be very expensive. Well there’s good news for everybody who wants to preserve their old PS2 games, a certain company called Siliconera is contemplating on making an adapter that would make backward compatibility for PS3 a possibility.

The said adapter would have its own power source and would include its own processor a DVD emulator/decoder and finally a graphics and sound processor. Obviously it would come as no surprise for certain companies to produce a device that can facilitate playing with old games a reality with a top of the line console. Ask the Sony people about this (although they are mum on the issue about the Siliconera plan) they can show you a great deal of history on backward compatibility on their previous versions of Playstation consoles. Sony had planned on launching a backward compatibility device for the PS3 20 and 60 GB launch systems. But as fate would have it, it didn’t materialized hopefully the plan of Siliconera would be a good break for PS2 games to be played once again on a Playstation 3 console.

By looking back at the games we played and enjoyed we can say that 3D console games have come a long way in developing games as mere entertainment. Personally I would love another challenge from other people on games that were played on PS2 so bring it on and let’s play it on Playstation 3.

Application of 3D features for the next Nintendo console

Everyone was asking the question could it be possible to apply 3D features on the present Nintendo WII console. As everyone expected an affirmative answer Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata doused cold water on the idea as saying that if 3D features were to be applied on the present Nintendo Wii the graphics will turn out really bad. Despite the pressing concern of the Nintendo people to upgrade their console to the 3D level the statement of the big boss of Nintendo clearly gives out the message that it will be done on the next console.

Some strategies by Nintendo included timing and once the 3D console is set to be fielded out to consumers  this will correspond to the adoption rates of the 3D television and once it crosses the 30 percent mark then all lights will be green to go. Despite the recent firmware upgrade of Sony on its Playstation 3 rendering the game console to play 3D games, Nintendo has managed to maintain its composure on all the 3D brouhaha because of one reason; consumers ability to acquire both the 3D television and the game console at a budget friendly price.

The evidence clearly shows how expensive the 3D TV is today as you can shell out almost 2,000 dollars on a high end product. At some point Nintendo’s strategy makes sense and with both Sony and Microsoft chewing each other’s tails on competition, Nintendo shows patience before getting in the ring again. I believe the next Nintendo game console would be a big hit with some competition already aiming for the no game pad controls, I could see the timing for the product to launch for Nintendo the perfect excuse to just bade their time away. Once their 3D game console catapults in the hands of consumers on a specific point in time then the cash registry of Nintendo will be overflowing with revenues.

Mafia II is not welcome on United Arab Emirates soil

Mafia II is getting enough mileage not on a positive basis but a banned video game on a specific territory. United Arab Emirates taking the cue from the Italian-American service organizations has banned the game Mafia II from being played and distributed on its turf citing extreme violence and language with nudity as the main reason. As for the Italian-American service organizations they explained their dismay over glorifying, denigrated and pervasive stereotyped of organized crime. Take-Two which is responsible for creating Mafia II rebutted that Mafia II is centered on an organized crime ring in America which have been portrayed in films and various novels.

The game which can be played on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 is a story about a street smart person named Vito of Italian-American descent longing for a life outside poverty. The year was 1940s thru the 1950s and Vito found the perfect stepping stone in the direction that he wants as he joins his friend Joe in a group called la famiglia pinning his hopes that this will be the avenue where he could rise up to the ranks. Take-Two is insistent enough to portray the era within Mafia II and forged a deal with Playboy to consummate the reality.

This is not news to be taken with great surprise as we have seen the Middle East responsible from banning several movies along with the game Mafia II. Maybe it’s about principles or the Muslim religion but nothings new about banned games on an Arab soil. Somehow I might presume that Mafia II carries a lot of gore and violence in order to merit such sanctions from UAE but I doubt that, as there is a more underlying reason on why it is banned in the first place.

Sony 3.42 firmware version now available

Updates are usually important for a game console to function properly there are firmware’s available so that its 3D features may kick start in the right direction others would initiate further features that are available, but Sony doesn’t fall into the first and second category as its firmware has been deemed a main portal for security vulnerability making the system software in question. The 3.42 firmware update would be geared towards disabling the working condition of the PS Jailbreak system. The Sony people have remained mum on the subject. But released a statement through a spokesperson that Sony is doing everything in its power to protect the intellectual rights of the console.

The history started when a group of individuals called the PS Jailbreak created a USB based device that gives consumers the power to modify their PS3 consoles. After modification this would allow a stream of availability for pirated software’s to invade the system. Budget constrained consumers who are looking forward to that particular device will be waiting a lot longer than expected as a Federal Court in Australia issued a temporary halt on the production of the so called PS Jailbreak.

I guess this is the answer to the previous article I made on the mod chips on Sony PS3. It’s a great move for the Sony people trying to issue a firmware with a must have stamp of approval then consumers will have no option but to install this so called firmware dousing cold water on the PS Jailbreak. But as mentioned there is a security downside to all of it and whether it will turn out the way Sony doesn’t want to remains to be seen. Pirated Playstation games are beginning to be a thorn on the Sony side of things as it chops off a whole lot of revenues in return.

A sequel to The Ship comes out for Xbox Live Arcade

Remember that multi-player game called The Ship where you had to scour a cruise ship to hunt down specific passengers while dodging personal stalkers. The game was released 2007 and was made by Ubisoft Outerlight Studios,  it garnered enough praise for a multiplayer shooter and as soon as the tide went down it was inevitable for Ubisoft to produce a follow-up and this came in the sequel of Outerlights Bloody Good Time.

This time the setting will be on various locations like a Las Vegas Hotel or the beach and there will be 8 players trying to kill each other armed with weapons and a host of unorthodox explosives. It would be a tough competition and Ubisoft has managed to take it in another level. Running on Valves Source engine which is also responsible for the all too famous Counterstrike and a host of other first person shooter games. Game modes will be in 4 different types ranging from your regular death match to revenge modes. First of all the main theme of the game are actors trying to audition out for a particular role and the competition comes in where you have to kill each other for the part.

Sounds very unique for a video game, one of which utilizes a remote controlled exploding rat as weapons. Take that for ingenuity Ubisofts idea for mayhem originality may have contributed a lot in engineering a sequel to The Ship. Nasty as it is, it’s another original trekking for Ubisoft line up of games and this one definitely takes the cake.  The philosophy of Ubisoft is to deliver top notch video games and its offices are located all over 26 countries garnering significant sales in almost 55 countries all over the globe. For the year 2009-10 Ubisoft has amassed 871 million dollars in sales.