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Console top game reaches out to FaceBook

What is the common denominator about planting, fishing, war on mafia or building a millionaire space that we have often associated with online games? The answer as of present time is FaceBook. The most famous social networking site has managed to make a big platform out of its availability of games now will add another major change in its lineup. Actually and addition to its lineup with Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Project Legacy joining the bandwagon. It will actually be a compliment to the game consoles upcoming part Assassins’ Brotherhood giving both players the privilege of bonuses.

Whatever is the bonus Ubisoft did not elaborate further; as long as you play Assassins’ Creed Project Legacy you can unlock an extra content for Brotherhood. Whatever is that complimentary content remains to be seen however by playing Brotherhood you have the chance to unlock 25 missions in Project Legacy so it’s a case of tit for tat. But the Brotherhood deal is clear, once the 25 missions are unlocked you can earn experience and currency points for the Project Legacy Facebook game. We’ve got one of the firsts in which Ubisoft’s Assassins’ Creed Project Legacy has a corresponding label of a social game fitted on its title.

The stock rises as Facebook once again holds another ace in its sleeve, annihilating all the competition and exceeding all expectations Facebook has managed to make social networking complete. As for Assassins’ Creed Brotherhood it will come out as a multiplayer platform out from the traditional single player. The beta phase was launched Sept 27, and it was limited for the Playstation Network Plus. At the very least you don’t have to wait any longer for the full game released which is set on November 19 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

4 Million Mark by April for Nintendo 3DS Sales

It may be working with Nintendo gambling on a portable game console with a 3D feature that doesn’t need glasses.  But to forecast something like 4 million sales by April isn’t that pushing it a little bit? It may be a good and bad news scenario considering Nintendo’s confidence over the product but it may be bad news for consumers regarding the price at $299 that made other people think differently. Think of it as lofty expectations for Nintendo when the release date for the said game console was pegged by late 2010 everyone was glued out of curiosity.

The target sales of 4 million by the end of March 31, 2010 and Nintendo expecting another 15 million units of software sales on the same period is actually a nice calculation. But if you actually look closer Nintendo big wigs previously forecasted sales of up to 30 million worldwide but it was down to 23.5 million, a case of a loose cannon eating its words. Any way they can cross their fingers all they want but Nintendo is aiming at the wrong direction considering the price on the DS has become more of a difficult situation for consumers the projection can become more of false hopes than a reality.

At the very least Nintendo executives have managed to spend some time in making their 3DS a protected commodity from illegal downloader’s. A new anti-piracy tech that will combat piracy, is this the good news? maybe. With the result that the DS Lite came under fire from piracy it’s a natural move for Nintendo executives to invest on an anti-piracy tech for their newest game console. That is why there is a direct connection over forecasted revenues and this particular anti-piracy tech. The DS Lite revenues has suffered so much because of piracy this time they will counter the effects onto the 3DS

Lawn Darts and a host of other games now a reality on WiiWare

Remember Lawn Darts which was banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in 1988 because of the numerous injuries and a couple of deaths incurred while playing the game. Today it comes back via the WiiWare which holds a 16 player support for the said virtual comeback. Entitled: Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts by Incredible Technologies is now available to download for 8 dollars or corresponding to 800 Wii points.  Dubbed as the infamous backyard game Target Toss Pro gives out four variations in the class lawn game platform namely; Cricket, Poker Darts, 501 and Classic Lawn Darts.

Pulling out all the stops for maximizing points out of a unique scoring method, Target Toss Pro can be played by 16 players on a virtual platform via the Nintendo WiFi connection. Also on the list of WiiWare platform is Astro Bugz Revenge where up to two players can play a puzzle game from Sudden Games. The concept of the game is to protect the solar system by expelling a host of invaders. There is also a revenge mode wherein the whole system switch sides and the player can now be the invaders and make life difficult for the defenders. Then there’s Gamevils Zenonia which depicts the player as Regret, a man on a trail of an answer to why a demon killed his father. The game lets you choose options in which you can be a warrior, assassin or a paladin and every character is equipped with an assortment of weapons and corresponding armor combinations.

Rounding up the games is Fizz created by DK Games, in which players are tasked to create rings of energy in order to earn points. This is done by creating links between the different nodes and try to match colors in line.

Avalanche plans to produce Mad Max 4 video game

Even though Mad Max 4: Fury Road has been languishing for so long now, plans of finally pushing through the project came last 2009. A video segment released by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation shows a producer-director involved with the project telling of how much time it would take to finish the production solely on the cars used in the sequel. 2008 has brought enough evidence on the part of God of War II producer Cory Barlog in allegedly being the mastermind in creating the game adaptation of Fury Road. His Twitter site has manifested such claims in challenging anyone who is ready to take the responsibility of creating an excellent Mad Max game.

A call to every known excellent game designers the tweets were supposedly inserted into posts relating to a visit on the site of Avalanche Studios the developer responsible for producing Just Cause. Corresponding to the posts made by Barlog, Avalanche Founder Christofer Sundberg answered in non-chalant way that even though the making of the film Mad Max for 2012 has been delayed in some way it doesn’t mean they will have enough time to design the game project.

It seems the whole scenario became a puzzle and once they got the pieces together with the statements made by both Sundberg and Barlog they assumed that along with the Mad Max 2012 movie they were sure a game accompanied this project. As of press time questions pertaining to the game has not been answered by Barlog and Avalanche. But Sundberg gave a hint about it by claiming that whatever project they are conceiving on they have been with Barlog the whole time undergoing the work alongside them. Hopefully even though the film has been swinging back and forth out of production the game will push through.

Medal of Honor introduces the Multiplayer game play

Get pass everything that was ever said of Medal of Honor the planned Multiplayer game mode which is in the beta stages developed by DICE would enable enough tweaks for the game to be exciting as ever. You’ve got a platform which emits a faster performance with support actions and damage levels modified. This will enable you to call in mortars for Hellfire while using your weapons with enough recoil action you’ve ever seen. The levels would be changed to exert more effort to gain the coveted competence combat giving you also more dimensions on defensive and offensive alternatives.

You would also notice a great change in the Hit Detection process which rates a significant level above the other Medal of Honor classics. Better options for weapons as it now offers a wide range to choose from but don’t be surprised on the heads up display which was changed to appear in a simpler way. Sounds, level art and animation have also been tweaked out for better overall game play. Game modes will feature Team Assault, Sector Control, Objective Raid and Combat Mission. Team Assault which is also known as the common mode is the main platform where the action takes place.

Sector Control which features three capture points to achieve and to hold down gives you a specific map to spearhead the mission. The fastest out of the four modes is the Objective Raid which can be accomplished under a shade of five minutes tops. The whole mission centers on overwhelming two coalition positions by insurgents. Last but not the least and is considered the slowest mode is the Combat Mission where two teams tries to outdo each other by checkpoint after checkpoint. By the way there is a fifth mode but considering you can’t play on this level it is not included on the official game modes.

Move over everyone introducing the Playstation Move

Hold on to your seats Playstation fans, the advent of motion control sensors is reaching its peak and right now Sony has managed to swing into the fold. Playstation Move the new motion control apparatus of Playstation apparently has gotten Nintendo looking over their shoulders but the real critics will definitely be seen when a host of Move enabled games flood the game console market. Judging from its technical and sleek design Sony might just pull it off to top spot on the motion control wars. While it is true that Nintendo was the first one to introduce the motion control sensor remote majority of hard core gamers pictured Nintendo’s overall platform as somewhat kids stuff. Now that Sony has finally joined in the bandwagon it may finally create some following on the other half of naysayers.

What the Playstation Move offers are controllers which are more ergonomically designed giving comfort while on game play. It has the Playstation Eye which becomes the main sensor giving you more accuracy on tracking while it is easily balance on top of the TV. The feature which focuses on the Moves Z-Axis tracking gives more flexibility to the player as you can move closer to provide a more powerful swing if you are playing ping-pong or a more powerful bowling throw if you are playing bowling. The whole camera gives out the realism of body movement through a 3D platform shelling out more excitement on its display level.

The bottom-line is with Sony capitalizing on studying the Wii Remote Control the latest release of Playstation Move may have given Sony the edge. More than ever the competition has gotten stiffer that everyone is trying to get hold of first place on the console wars. With everything said and done the consumers are the obvious winners in this scenario.

Motion-Sensing Console wars getting competitive

Major players are getting ready to put their consoles to the next level, Microsoft is gearing up its Kinect system into full blast bidding its release on November 4 while Playstation’s Move appears to have gotten enough mileage from its launch last week. While there is a shift on traditional controllers, Nintendo does not intend to be left behind as it is prepping its Motion Plus add-on which will be deliberately freed from its add-on status. Well that’s what Nintendo Life allegedly spotted regarding a GameStop listing on a game called FlingSmash. As a publicity box art displayed the FlingSmash with a Wii Remote Plus in tow, the $50 title which will go on sale in November presumably makes it the prelaunch item for the rumored independent Wii Remote Plus.

A few noticeable modifications seen on this particular Wii controller inside the package includes the absence of the customary flare of the Motion Plus, it replaces the regular white with a black version, a concave arc script present underneath the Wii label but cannot be seen on the traditional Wii remote. If this is too much excitement for Wii fans guess again as of press time GameListing has pulled the plug on the alleged listing and other retailers followed suit. Now you won’t find any store offering the FlingSmash with the bundled controller. An American representative of Nintendo has nothing concrete to report about regarding the alleged Wii Remote Plus but European representatives have been more vocal regarding the controller as the real deal.

Whether it’s real or its not remains to be seen but considering Nintendo’s long standing tradition of including software’s with its controllers you cannot discount the possibility that it might exists. Considering that the Wii Sports Resorts for the Motion Plus add-on and the Wii play for the traditional remote are the two most conclusive evidences that the Wii Remote plus is not a far-fetched idea.

A New Home for NASCAR

NASCAR says goodbye to the long partnership with EA Sports as President Moore’s confirmation on GameSpot reveals Electronic Arts is finally letting go of the contract by permitting the license to lapse. Despite being out in the cold NASCARs reputation is unprecedented that’s why EA Sports closest rival Activision is set to carry the cudgels and take NASCAR under its wings. It will be responsible in publishing the next part of the series. Part of its planned release where it will coincide with Dayton 500 by February next year would involve getting the title out on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii platforms.

As if everything was gaining enough ground for NASCAR suddenly a British developer from the racing games that brought you Big Mutha Truckers and Ferrari Challenge Eutechnyx gave away what might have been the design of the NASCAR 2011 on some forum site. This will only mean that whoever is in charge out of the 4 studios of Euthenyx that the planned NASCAR 2011 will definitely push through out of their own backyard which has various locations in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Hong Kong and Chengdu in China. As of press time Activision representatives have not yet responded.

If ever you are in the mood to believe this or this is one of those publicities that went haywire, it might hold some water with regards to Activision reeling its way to produce some kind of a breakthrough with racing games. Remember their self released title Blur which was brought to mainstream last May. The result was a big flop selling only 150,000 units on U.S. territory. Getting the world famous NASCAR would give them a stronghold in their quest to break even to the racing circuit given that the NASCAR video game is the highest profile racing icon in the whole of the U.S. Add to the fact that where EA Sports failed with the said game Activision would surely capitalize.

Little Big Planet 2 hits Playstation 3 platform

With Media Molecule at the helm, Sony has managed to confirm Playstation Move-compatible titles availability within next year. Little Big Planet 2 which is created by Media Molecule got the nod of Sony executives to be the next follow-up to their exclusive user generated content and platform on Playstation 3.  Media Molecule has managed to reopen the beta testing phase once more so it can be ready once it hits the stands next year. Even though the game is making great strides the once projected release of November won’t become a reality through Media Molecules official statement on their website.

The statement elaborates the need to delay the worldwide release so that the game will surpass expectations and will be played on anticipated experience. The release date will be pushed back to January 18, 2011. The whole concept of a longer date span will give Media Molecule time to deliver a much livelier game experience which will give the community and the fans of the game what they deserve because of their unending support. The delay which corresponds exactly on the time that Sony updated its official Japanese site for the game. Little Big Planet 2 gives endless possibilities to create whole games made possible by offering new set of tools. The whole platform is set to conquer a new gaming experience with loads of grand adventure.

The platform is geared towards sharing, playing, creating and finally discovering every possible scenarios through an activity stream which you can open up to friends. Design your own characters and with the new cinematic tools you can bring your characters to life by creating videos, short films or an entire movie. At the whole scene is your control over the characters that you made by way of Direct Control, the whole environment is made out of your own personal arcade.

Lara Croft comes back for an encore

Forget the dismal showing of Lara Croft Tomb Raider:  The Angel of Darkness last 2003 or the come back of 2006 dubbed as Tomb Raider Legend. You can’t put an excellent game down as Lara Craft is rebooted once more in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light which was a hit when it became the latest commodity of the Xbox 360 and if that’s not enough for you PC Gamer magazine has disclosed a possibility that it might reboot for the second time. Talk about a busy day for Lara Crofts creator Eidos, the game which is set to be released on 2011 will be readily developed for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

So what will the game run around this time, for starters the game will be situated in a Japanese island where it will feature a novice Lara without the frills and the experience. She is tasked to explore the jungles of the island and try to get through obstacles and solve a lot of puzzles along the way through variations of techniques. Going back to Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light it has been on the shelf of Xbox 360 Arcade and will soon arrive in the hands of the Playstation Network.

Actually die hard Lara Croft fans will never get tired of her adventures and it is on the side of Eidos to keep the fans excited and motivated on future releases of Lara Crofts games. That means developing and creating more adventures so it will give a whole new dimension on the travails of Lara Croft. Don’t worry fans with the recent release of Guardian of Light, Lara Croft definitely got her bearings once more and definitely would yield another different adventure for those who followed Lara Croft in and out.